Merchant foundry is an online, single source portfolio management tool that is made available to all of our partners in the sales channel. This powerful platform and CRM tool is designed to give high level summary data about the ISO portfolio while also allowing users to dive deep into individual merchant detail. Merchant Foundry gives our sales partners control through the life cycle of the account. An intuitive online application, self-service account management tools, real time account activity notes, and robust residual reporting are all just a click away through Merchant Foundry.

  • Online merchant application with eSignature and multi-platform flexibility
  • Auto approval and automated boarding
  • Portfolio management reporting and alerts
  • Automated service requests
  • Transparent operational notations
  • Customized resource library
  • Individual merchant detail access
  • Notifications on account inquiries
  • 24/7 technical and world class customer service
  • Responsive and professional risk management
  • On-time and accurate residual delivery with online reporting

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions, as the proprietary owner and architect of Merchant Foundry, is a technology company. Delivering cutting-edge business solutions coupled with innovative partnerships, gives our sales partners a distinct advantage.  Access to multiple front and back-end payment platforms, almost guarantees that we have a compatible option for any merchant on any payment setup.

  • Proprietary locked point of sales systems
  • Wireless smart terminals
  • Petroleum account setups within 72 hours
  • Multiple pricing options and flexibility
  • EMV, contactless, and QSR available
  • Account updater for recurring billing
  • Virtual terminals
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile and tablet point of sale
  • Software integration
  • Gift and loyalty programs
  • Next day funding
  • Convenience fees
  • Tokenization
  • Level 3 processing

Merchant Foundry is a single source solution that offers an array of products and services designed to meet the challenges of today’s business management environment. We provide a suite of valuable solutions that extend beyond the traditional merchant services relationship. One of our critical business objectives is to ensure that we are constantly evolving our product line to meet the demands of our customers in any competitive landscape. Clients have direct access to the most effective products and services to support and grow their business. Merchant Foundry affords your business a unique advantage unlike any other in the market place.