Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions is a full-service acquirer of debit and credit card processing. We work closely with our partners to provide the most complete suite of processing platforms of any acquirer and can provide interfaces to the most custom of POS solutions.  We have all the economies of scale to offer you competitive pricing, yet also possess the agility to respond to your unique needs.

  • Best-in-class customer service
  • Highly skilled technical support team
  • Competitive pricing
  • Simple on-line merchant boarding
  • Implementation support
  • Dedicated relationship management
  • Business solutions product suite

Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions, as the proprietary owner and architect of Merchant Foundry, is a technology company.  Delivering cutting-edge business solutions coupled with innovative partnerships, gives our sales partners a distinct advantage.

  • Automated approval and boarding process
  • Intuitive online application with eSignature
  • Robust mobile processing solutions
  • SMB Product Marketplace
  • Proprietary point of sale system
  • Processing for eCommerce
  • Retail inventory and payment solutions
  • Software integrations
  • On-line portfolio management reporting and alerts
  • Automated service requests
  • Notifications on account inquiries
  • On-time and accurate residual delivery with online reporting

Most importantly, we treat our financial institutions like true partners.  The MCPS Program for banks and credit unions empowers financial institutions to grow their portfolio while strengthening their relations with the commercial customers.  MCPS’ Program focuses on:

  • Dedicated relationship management
  • Shared culture and values
  • Open lines of communication
  • Common purpose
  • Customized referral programs
  • Collaborative environment