Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions (MCPS) is a full-service provider of processing services and business solutions that enable our merchants to accept all major payment card options, as well as checks, Electronic Benefits Transfer, gift and loyalty cards, and Fleet Management.

Established in 1989, MCPS is one of the top 30 merchant acquirers in the United States, delivering card processing services to more than 65,000 merchants and 1,000 bank locations in 17 states, processing over $16 billion in sales volume annually.

MCPS has evolved to incorporate innovative solutions for both merchants and its sales partners. MCPS provides a single point of entry to its sales agent partners which allows them access to various platforms, same day account boarding, portfolio management tools, and an array of processing products. MCPS helps sales partners provide state-of-the art technology, innovative payment products, and business solutions such as data analytics, social media marketing, brand reputation management, and business funding solutions. Additionally, MCPS provides world-class customer support to merchants in retail, dining, health care, fuel dispensing, and personal services. MCPS is large enough to offer the competitive pricing necessary for our sales partners and merchants to be successful, yet agile enough to respond to their unique needs and continue to offer innovative products and solutions. MCPS provides the tools to grow, know and secure your business!